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Writing is Thinking

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Writing is Thinking explores how people use handwriting to form their own thinking. People often write in two ways: Short-form and Long-form. Short-form tends to be quick and means the writer is thinking fast to achieve a particular purpose such as making a note or a list. On the contrary, long-form writing, such as a birthday card or a letter takes longer, and prompts the writer to think deeply. Writing is not fixed, invariable, or limited. The flow of writing represents the process of thinking.

This project explores these ideas as videos in multiple overlapping frames to show specific writing/thinking moments as deconstructed details which highlight aspects of each person's experiences and identity. Each person featured in this collection has his / her individual habit of using handwriting to do an “action” of thinking. What he / she thinks is embodied in what he / she writes.

Video Length | 7”20’

Writing is Thinking 探索人們如何運用手寫建構個人思考方式,手寫包含兩種表現形式:短形式與長形式,前者為了達到特定目的以快速的思考模式寫下文字例如:一篇筆記或是一列清單,後者則是以長時間進行深入思考模式而寫下文字例如:一張生日卡片或是一封信件,寫字不單只是固態、不變、限制的,流暢的動態寫作本身也更同時代表人們的思考過程。

此專題計畫探討個體的寫字/思考時機與個人性格的連結,藉由多個影像重疊詮釋當下所發生的思考/寫作過程及解構個體特性與經驗,影片中所搜集的訪談對象皆紀錄個人行為意志的發生,他 / 她 的思考方式反應在他 / 她所寫的過程。

影片長度 | 7分20秒
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We‘re still writing because we’re still thinking.

Thesis Book Design 畢業專題冊

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Size        | Book 8 x 10"
Medium | Semi-matte, 80# (118 gsm) paper
Year        | 2020